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Amazing Game Map by Klaus Pillon Looks Real

This amazing game map is made by French artist Klaus Pillon, a freelance concept artist and illustrator. All the photos are really superb, but especially the first images look like a real photo of the city. These images are of an upcoming video game developing by the Rogue Moon Studio.

15 Awesome Cupcake Ideas for this Halloween

Check out some cool and awesome Halloween cupcake ideas. All of them look amazing and tasty.  1. Devilish Devil’s Cupcakes 2. Broken Glass Cupcakes 3. Witch Hat Cupcakes 4. Living Dead Cupcakes 5. Pumpkin Cupcakes 6. Ghost Cupcakes 7. Jack Skellington Cupcakes 8. Spider Cupcakes 9. Frankenstein Cupcakes 10. Mummy Cupcakes 11. Oreo Spider Cupcakes 12. Ax Murderer Halloween Cupcakes 13. Owl Cupcakes 14. Halloween …